Shipping & Returns

Returns description:

About the receipt

In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, you purchase goods in our company, express delivery, be sure to carefully check the goods: If there are obvious damage to the parcel and the existence of fewer goods, please refuse to sign, and timely contact our company. If the package is not damaged under the premise of the existence of damaged or less goods packaging, please express the presence of staff in the presence of my company after-sales department, and photographed sent to us, we will actively negotiate with you compensation. (Compensation includes reissuing the goods at the next purchase, the amount of compensation corresponding to the amount of the product to your buyer account, according to the different products, different ways and extent of compensation.) If the goods have expired shelf life, or from the expiration of less than 1 Month, please point out to the distribution staff after rejecting the entire package. Due to the above problems caused by the return policy, our company provides free return service. In view of the above situation can not be identified after the sign, please sign the package after we do not accept free return service.


For the goods sold by our company, the following conditions can be met: 1, if you receive the goods there are quality problems (leakage, packaging damage, expired, etc.), the wrong goods, made less goods and other issues, You can courier in the presence of contact us to implement the replacement. 2, found that there are quality problems (such as: do not meet food safety standards) should immediately stop using, and timely contact our customer service center. Customers to provide legal food inspection agency inspection report, do not meet the food safety standards of food, to be ment; the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine notice the existence of quality food, be ment, the company will provide the original commodity With the same specifications with the number of new products to be replaced. 3, non-quality issues, within 7 days of receipt of the goods, and the goods did not destroy the original packaging, does not affect the second sale, can be a replacement. Please return the goods and the original package with the gifts together, non-quality problems caused by the replacement to be the customer bear the freight.

About returns

For the goods sold by our company, the following conditions can be required to return: 1, if you receive the existence of the quality of goods (leakage, packaging damage, expired, etc.), the wrong goods, hair less goods and other issues, you can Courier presence of the case contact us to implement the return. 2, the goods after a replacement but there are still quality problems; Special Note: When you apply for returns, if the product quality problems to be submitted to the relevant documents: Quality problems: the existence of quality inspection certificate, brand professional test certificate or Quality inspection report issued by the State Quality Supervision Bureau (each page of the picture, including cover);


In the following circumstances we have the right to refuse to return the customer requirements 1, did not provide the required time limit or not to provide proof of the requirements; 2, the quality of the use of goods of non-normal problems; 3, the commodity storage, exposure to goods beyond the appropriate environment ; 4, the force majeure caused by the customer can not normally receive the goods; 5, before the return and not get in touch with the customer service center, direct mail delivery of goods to the Company; 6, return merchandise packaging or other goods attachments, Complete or damaged; 7, the goods are not purchased in our company; 8, after the purchase because the customer is not satisfied with the subjective reasons do not like the situation. 9, the other does not fit or can not be Returns situation: ① For technical reasons, our company can not guarantee that the computer displays the color of the goods and the actual commodity exactly the same, please buy carefully; ② on my company has a special return policy Products, according to its provisions. For example: preservation products (fruits, cold meat, dairy products such as a series of short shelf-life products) returned time and standards to nostalgia to develop standards prevail. (3) To the extent permitted by Chinese law, the final interpretation of this rule is owned by our company.